Fifth meeting

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Fifth network meeting

The fifth meeting of the network took place in Lepaa in Finland at the HAMK University of Applied Sciences. This was the first meeting within a new funding year, after a year with no funding. This is was somewhat necessary to restart and refresh the network and to adapt to some changes in member school staff attending.

We continued our work on the evaluation of curricula structure but found that although this was extremely useful, several departments had already had to make major changes to programmes so that the information became outdated. However, members used the information to inform the revisions to the structure of their programmes.

We then moved on to discussing wider ideas for cooperation and for expanding and developing the website to make it more informative and to provide more resources for joint use. This included inserting information on the staff members of each department so that common interests in teaching and research would lead to more cooperation; developing a system where students can find reliable places for internships and finally, thinking about courses that could be offered online or where students from departments could participate, depending on the curricula structure and timing within semesters.