First network meeting

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ECLAS - European Council Of Landscape Arhitecture Schools

First network meeting

The first network meeting was held in Tartu at the Estonian University of Life Sciences on November 22 and 23. 

In accordance with the approved project the meeting focused on the way of evaluating and making a cross comparison of the programme of each member school. Each school presented their programme structure as an overview and it was found that there are many differences between them. In particular the programme at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) at Uppsala/Ultuna has a completely different concept. The "ECLAS Adcive on Landscape Architecture Education in Europe" report was used as the basis, where programmes and course units could be evaluated as to how they meet the so-called core comptetencies, generic competences and subject specific competences in terms of ECTS equivalence. 

An Excel spreadsheet was devised and a sample of courses reflecting different aspects of programmes, such as design studios, planting and computer graphics were selected as test areas. Once the pilot-testing has been completed the full programme for each school will be evaluated and compared. 

At the next meeting scheduled for Aalto University the comparison will be completed and analysed and the report of the first year activities will be prepared. This report will form the basis for the activities of the next year of the network. 

 The ECLAS Guidance on Landscape Architecture Education and the Excel spreadsheet can be downloaded from the Resources page.