Fourth meeting

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Fourth network meeting

The fourth meeting of the network took place in Jelgava in Latvia at the Latvia University of Agriculture. In this meeting we were able to start to look in detail at the different patterns between the various schools in terms of the core, generic and subject specific competences. There remained some technical difficulties here and there but in general the assessment and comparison process has proven to be very useful and revealing.

We started to look beyond the information contained in the analyses and to consider where our network might develop in the areas of cooperation which we identified as being one of our main objectives. Since the programme evaluation part fo the work has been more complicated and has taken more time than expected we plan to focus on the next stage later on into the future.

As this meeting was the last in the current funding round - and because we missed th edeadline for applications in 2014 - we we developed a action note for further work and we intend to meet online using a web-meeting softare system. We plan to apply for further funding for network activities in early 2015.

Owing to changes taking place in Tallinn Technical University - the bachelor programme moving to Tallinn from Tartu for example, TTU have become less active. However, we also decided to invite the department in Klaipeda in Lithuania to join the network.