Second meeting

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Second network meeting

The second meeting took place at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland on May 23-24 2013. The network members brought the completed or partially completed course programme evaluations using the spreadsheet designed at the first meeting. In between the first meeting and this one each university department sat down with all the staff and went over the programme structure, trying to establish which foundation, core, generic or subject specific competences were achieved by each course unit.

It proved to be quite a challenge to complete each programme , in part because of the different structures and the way in which some programmes combine many teaching goals within a single big project base course compared with those which tend to have more smaller and focused courses, often delivered by other departments within the university. 

A second challenge concerns the way in which the data collected in the spreadsheets can be analysed statistically to give useful and comparable numbers. This is still under development.

A final challenge concerns the modification of programmes underway at the time of the work and some changes to staff members in some partner universities which meant that new people had to be briefed and some initial data collection became out of date. It seems we have to accept that these are facts of life in any university programme.

In addition to the ongoing work on the analysis we are collecting information on the history and development of landscape architecture teaching in each country and university. This should be interesting and help in identifying the unique character and also capacity issues in the EBANELAS region.