Sixth meeting

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ECLAS - European Council Of Landscape Arhitecture Schools

The sixth network meeting

The sixth meeting took place at SLU Uppsala, Sweden. It was the last to be funded by Nordplus and so we focussed on the sustainability of the project after the finding stops. Each partner felt that the network is and has been extremely valuable and wish to continue it. Following on from the Fifth meeting at HAMK the members developed the tasks further and divided responsibilities up amongst themselves, each taking on a different role regarding the work.

The website will continue to be a useful platform and the different members undertook to add web content according to their areas of responsibility. The development of joint teaching activities by sharing courses was taken a lot further and information on the courses available in each department is to be loaded into the website. The same applies for the information on internship opportunities.

Into the future the network members decided to institute a membership fee sufficient to keep the web domain active and to do some development work as needed. This will help to ensure the sustainability of the network.

It is also important to involve departmental staff members beyond the core group who attended the meetings. The information on individual staff will continue to be added and links between them cultivated.