Third meeting

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Third network meeting

The third network meeting took place in January 2014 in Kaunas, Lithuania, at the Alexander Stulginsko University. At this meeting we developed the analysis of the study programmes further, completing the classifications, cleaning the data tables and working on the ways of presenting the results in a comparable format. We discovered that it was still a complex task given the different structures of the members schools but it proved to be possible and on examination of the preliminary results we discovered some really interesting differences. As well as working on the analysis techniqus we made some alterations and additions to the generic competences and also decided to modify the way that the teaching methods are presented, using percentages of the different methods instead of just a yes or no, so we could then see how prevalent certain teaching methods are in each programme.

We also decided that the section on assessment methods needed to be broken down by percentages instead of yes/no and this gives us an additional task to perform.